Rise of the Demigods

Created by Aram Vartian

Rise of the Demigods is the first in a series of adventures for the 5E world of Godsfall where PCs take on the role of young demigods

Latest Updates from Our Project:

August Update
2 months ago – Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 12:26:52 AM

Hey People.

First I'd like to apologize for the severe lack of communication on my part. There is no excuse for it and I am truly sorry.

Second, I am working fervently on finalizing the book as we speak. Draft sections are already in the hands of the editors, art is prepared and ready to be placed, and playtesting is already under way.

  • The core of the rules for Demigods is near completion
  • The adventure section of the book is mostly done but needs a good deal of editing
  • The section of new creatures, races, feats, and abilities is wrapped and just needs an editor’s eyes on it
Demigod of Books
Demigod of Books

The Elves of the Ironwood need your help. An old temple to a long dead demigod has recently shown signs of unusual activity and they are at a loss for what might be causing it. Entering the temple is strictly forbidden to them, so they are seeking adventures willing to go on their behalf.

Riverrun, a trade city built on an island in the middle of the Flow and the heart of the Ironwood, is the only place in the forest where non-elves are free to wander. It is also a place where many come seeking their fortune, and a handful of inns and taverns are known to be meeting places where those who work hard and keep quiet can earn a fair share of gold.

There was no official notice, but those in the know began hearing word of an old, elven women from the first looking for a few adventures who would do a job without a lot of questions. She plans to be at a tavern simply known as Jack’s at noon on Feastday.

This adventure was written as part of the Godsfall world but can take place in any forest which elves rule and outsiders are not permitted. As it takes place before the Godswar, magic is still prevalent throughout Khalgun. The adventure is designed for 4-6 first level players.


Again, I am sorry for not updating as frequently as I should be and will do better. Thank you for holding me accountable and for being so patient. I cannot wait until we can share this new chapter of Khalgun together.

Update for Rise of the Demigods
6 months ago – Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 12:14:18 AM

Hey, people - this is Aram. I have some updates I want to go through in detail, but first I would like to summarize:

  • Rise of the Demigods is (obviously) late
  • Rise of the Demigods is still fully in production
  • Rise of the Demigods will be completed as described in the Kickstarter

I apologize for the lack of communication. Since the Kickstarter launched, I had suffered a mental breakdown that ended up with me being hospitalized for six days. Since then, I have learned I am both bipolar and on the autistic spectrum. At 43, both pieces of information were new and surprising.

Once I got out my goal was simply to throw myself back into writing and production. I had always felt best when I was working, and I assumed that would be the best prescription for my fear and sadness.

It wasn’t. I have made good progress with the Rise of the Demigods book, but I was not where I needed to be. After six months of new drugs and therapy, I feel like I finally am.

Here are my set goals to finish the book:

  • Wrap the PDF: My main focus is to edit, proof, and finalize the PDF. I will release it immediately upon completion.
  • Send the PDF to the printer: As soon as the PDF is done I will send the book to the printer. Once they have it, I’ll have an estimate as to when it will enter production and ship. 
  • Wrap the audio: Once the book has been sent to the printer I’ll focus on recording and editing all of the intro text for the book’s adventure section. I will release a second .PDF where the files are shrunk for tablets and phones.

I will post updates throughout this process, as well as page and rules previews for creating demigods within the Godsfall world.

I am sorry that I was not able to meet the deadline and for my lack of communication. I am very excited for you all to see what I have been working on, and I hope you all will love playing in the Godsfall world.

Thank you all for your support. I cherish it, and I will work hard to make sure you all love Rise of the Demigods.

          - Aram

Rise Update
10 months ago – Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 04:42:49 PM

Hey, people! My apologies for the lack of contact - the last few months have not gone exactly as planned, but we have made excellent progress on Rise of the Demigods and I wanted to update you all on that progress.

We currently have about two thirds of the book laid out and most of that edited. I am working on getting the rest done this month and will hopefully ship the PDFs by january.

Here are some of the pages we have been working on:

We are also getting ready to launch our new show based on this book, also titled Rise of the Demigods. Here is a preview of one of our four character preludes:

We've also recorded the next four DMing 101 videos and will be releasing those in January:

Additionally, we have more character art and will be sending out a second art pack (with some new maps as well!)

I'll be in closer and more frequent contact as we wrap the book and get ready for shipping. Thank you all for your support and your patience.

- DM Aram

BackerKit surveys are going out!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Sep 05, 2018 at 10:25:02 AM

Check your email for a survey from Rise of the Demigods and BackerKit. if you don't see yours, head over to rotd.backerkit.com and enter your email to look up your pledge.

Hit me up if you have any questions!

- DM Aram

What Happens Next
about 1 year ago – Thu, Aug 30, 2018 at 09:54:49 PM

Hello, people!

As I type, I am setting up the BackerKit store for Rise of the Demigods. Once that is finalized, the Worldbook PDFs will go out immediately, followed by the Digital Rewards pack and the stretch goal for our original character art.

After that, I am buckling down to finish the Rise of the Demigods PDF writing and layout. As soon as that is wrapped, it goes out to you and then straight to the printer.

I'll post periodic updates as I complete these goals.

And again, thank you all for your support!

- DM Aram